Definition of sweet-smelling in English:



  • Having a sweet, pleasant smell.

    ‘sweet-smelling flowers’
    • ‘Even the tiniest garden should have room for tubs planted with sweet-smelling herbs.’
    • ‘Pretty soon I had some nice piles of sweet-smelling fig leaves, ready to be bagged.’
    • ‘Settling down to taste some sweet-smelling sap, the unsuspecting prey has made a fatal mistake.’
    • ‘In 1223, a sweet-smelling oil was said to have flowed from William's tomb at the east end of the nave.’
    • ‘Butterflies are attracted to brightly colored, sweet-smelling flowers that allow them easy access.’
    • ‘Ethylene in particular would have the strongest effect and is often described as a sweet-smelling gas.’
    • ‘The staff were hardworking and caring, and the ward was very clean and sweet-smelling.’
    • ‘Chewing parsley or mint leaves after a pungent meal will help you maintain sweet-smelling breath.’
    • ‘Canterbury has such a garden (financed by the council) which has raised beds with sweet-smelling shrubs and plants.’
    • ‘Afterward, a sweet-smelling mixture of wine and honey is poured on the body.’