Definition of sweet birch in English:

sweet birch


  • A North American birch, especially of Appalachian forests, with brown or black bark and smooth twigs that smell of wintergreen when broken or crushed. The leaves and sap of sweet birch yield oil of wintergreen.

    Betula lenta, family Betulaceae

    • ‘The ingredients may include octyl methoxycinnamate (obtained from cinnamon or cassia) and octyl salicylate (derived from sweet birch, wintergreen and willow).’
    • ‘The woods near our home were thick with walnut, white oak, sweet birch, sassafras, hemlock, red maple, juniper, tulip trees, and many more species I couldn't name.’
    • ‘Red oak and sweet birch, the only other species with more than 5% importance, also lacked regeneration.’
    • ‘Red, black, and white oak are the most common species, along with red maple and sweet birch.’
    • ‘Yellow-poplar, black cherry, sugar maple, cucumber tree, and sweet birch occurred most frequently on north-facing slopes.’