Definition of sweetlips in English:


(also sweetlip)


  • A patterned grunt (fish) that changes its colour and markings with age, occurring in the Indo-Pacific.

    Plectorhynchus and other genera, family Pomadasyidae: several species, including the oriental sweetlips (P. orientalis)

    • ‘Maori wrasse, sweetlips and trevallies hang in the current.’
    • ‘Fish are everywhere, not just the current-indicating anthias but all the bigger fish, from harlequin sweetlips to trevally and grouper.’
    • ‘Maori wrasse, sweetlips, trevallies, grouper and every variety of Indo-Pacific coral browser hover around.’
    • ‘Compared with the Club O, reefs here are prettier, with more schools of larger fish, such as sweetlips and snappers.’
    • ‘Joining us in the surge were angelfish, snappers, sweetlips, two spotted moray eels and a shoal of longfin bannerfish, with their zebralike stripes.’
    • ‘Spotted sweetlips and other tropical fish loiter under its intact wings.’
    • ‘Large and small nudibranchs are everywhere, and batfish, barracuda, sweetlips and large groupers would follow us around.’
    • ‘Soft corals, upside-down fish, barracuda, sweetlips, blue-spotted rays, grouper, lionfish, shrimps and sand-eels have each staked out their own sectarian neighbourhoods.’
    • ‘Schools of goatfish, nanagai, sweetlips and trevally swirl everywhere.’
    • ‘At times we were engulfed by batfish, sweetlips, fusiliers, snappers and rainbow runners.’
    • ‘At Uvinge Gap and Mesali Gap can be found deep-water drop-offs, home to schools of bigeye jacks, barracuda, giant sweetlips and groupers.’
    • ‘The sites are home to a vast variety of reef dwellers such as the damselfish, angelfish, butterflyfish and sweetlips.’
    • ‘Hiding in a cave was a sweetlips which seemed never to have heard about spearguns.’
    • ‘The dock drops sheer to the sandy bottom at 21m; some sections are undercut, forming deep hollows sheltering sweetlips and other fish.’
    • ‘The dive is a wonderful introduction to the Bahamas, with brightly coloured shoals of butterflyfish and sweetlips hovering over an intact, though comprehensively flattened, superstructure.’
    • ‘The fish life at Karan was rich, with big shoals of sweetlips and angelfish swimming together.’
    • ‘The reefs attract plenty of white-tip reef sharks, sweetlips, turtles, slimline barracuda and the whole catalogue of Indo-Pacific reef life.’
    • ‘Schools of snapper and sweetlips patrol, along with the odd Napoleon wrasse.’
    • ‘A small window - the only part of the Barnacle not covered in some manner of coral - allows me to peek inside, where I see a handful of oriental sweetlips, some snapper and an angelfish.’
    • ‘Thousands of oriental sweetlips rest on the bottom, with schools of batfish out in the blue.’