Definition of sweetness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The quality of being sweet.

    • ‘Marcus, for all his sweetness and good qualities, seems rather like a dead fish next to Lee.’
    • ‘Even scones and cakes will be better and lighter than usual, and have a delicious freshness and sweetness of flavour.’
    • ‘Cumin goes so well with carrots, adding a Middle-Eastern flavour to the carrots sweetness.’
    • ‘A pleasing label and brand that combines flavour, sweetness and acidity perfectly.’
    • ‘All those orange flavours and sweetness means it will pair nicely with chocolate deserts.’
    • ‘Bite into one and you'll find the sparkling white flesh and taste its hint of sweetness with a touch of heat.’
    • ‘Some, but by no means all, residual sugar is tasted as sweetness.’
    • ‘Stir well, taste for sweetness and place in a colander to drain.’
    • ‘The gentle songs lack appropriate melodic sweetness and lyrical sentimentality.’
    • ‘He who turned the water into wine, who is the destroyer of the bitter taste, who is sweetness and altogether desire.’
    • ‘This is a bold, lime-scented style with a touch of sweetness and a great flavour to burn.’
    • ‘Its sap has been found equal to that of sugar maple in sweetness, flavor, and quality.’
    • ‘And since she answered my silly questions with patience and saccharine sweetness, she is in my good books.’
    • ‘Their beautiful shades will give you a lift, and their sweetness will satisfy your cravings with a fraction of the calories.’
    • ‘I know you win people over with sweetness, so I tried to be sweet, or as sweet as an old bear can be.’
    • ‘The sweetness of the honey soothes the whisky's spicy, hoppy flavour.’
    • ‘They challenge every sentimental concept we have of children, of their sweetness and innocence and goodness.’
    • ‘The sweetness of the vocal harmonies is tempered by the rawness of the guitar and the unremitting monotony of the drum patterns.’
    • ‘It's full of life lessons, and sweetness, and the love thwarted which is your sitcom staple.’
    • ‘They persuaded me to phone my Head of Unit, who was sweetness itself.’
    musicality, musicalness, melodiousness, tunefulness, lyricism, sweetness, euphony
    1. 1.1Used as an affectionate form of address, though often ironically.
      ‘I've just got to go, sweetness’
      • ‘No, sweetness, you're just shopping from a rack at the back of Top Shop.’
      • ‘John, sweetness: you don't have a chance of ever being half as cool as Des.’


    sweetness and light
    • 1Social or political harmony.

      ‘the relationship was by no means all sweetness and light’
      • ‘Underlying Arnoldian ideals of sweetness and light was a concern for social unity mingled with national pride.’
      1. 1.1Good-natured benevolence.
        ‘when he's around she's all sweetness and light’