Definition of sweetsop in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswētsäp/ /ˈswitsɑp/


  • 1A round or heart-shaped custard apple which has a green scaly rind and a sweet pulp.

    ‘The fruits most likely to be intended by the term are cherimoya, sugar-apple (alias sweetsop), bullock's heart, and (in the USA) pond apple.’
    Also called sugar apple
    • ‘Irrigation during the dry season and once during ripening will increase the size of Jamaican sweetsop.’
    • ‘He recited a litany of the fruit there, including mangoes, papayas, sweetsops, cherries and coconuts.’
    • ‘Among the more exotic fruits popular in Jamaica are guineps, pawpaw, sweetsops and the star apple.’
    • ‘There were limes, sweetsops, callaloo, guava, sugar cane and exotic new Asian delicacies like bitter melon.’
    • ‘The skin of a sweetsop is purple and is well sweeter and less custard-like than soursop.’
    • ‘Jamaica has the best fruits ever so when I visit I eat lots of mangoes and sweetsops whenever they are in season.’
    • ‘The mouth watering range of tropical fruits include banana, pawpaw, pineapple, coconut, sweetsops and papaya.’
    • ‘The sweetsop has two harvests from February to March, and from September to November.’
    • ‘Soursop and custard apple are widely distributed in Central America and the Caribbean, while sweetsop is commonest in India and Southeast Asia.’
    • ‘An organic tropical orchard supplies all kinds of fruits, from pomegranate to jackfruit to soursop and sweetsop to cherry, naseberry, and other indigenous fruits.’
    • ‘At my job at the software company, I had a co-worker who was an exotic fruit fiend, and I got introduced to sweetsops and cactus fruit and the cherimoya.’
    • ‘The gardens are fully of all the Jamaican local favorites, including fruit trees such as banana, sweetsop, mangos and much more.’
    • ‘There is also plenty of tropical fruits such as bananas, pineapples, coconuts and the less popular outside Jamaica: pawpaws, guineps and sweetsops.’
    • ‘Fruit bats in the Cayman Islands are considered to be crop pests and information is available from the National Trust to help farmers to protect their sweetsops and other soft-skinned fruits.’
    • ‘Locally grown fruit and vegetables can be a bargain - Jaffa oranges and other citrus fruit of course, but also exotic fruits such as fresh dates, persimmons, custard apples (sweetsops) and starfruits.’
  • 2The tropical American evergreen shrub that yields the sweetsop.

    Annona squamosa, family Annonaceae

    • ‘In apparently healthy tissues of sweetsop and soursop plants, some fungi promote shoot growth or reduce root growth, while others have no effect on growth of sweetsop seedlings.’