Definition of swell organ in English:

swell organ


  • A section of a large organ consisting of pipes enclosed in a swell box, usually played with an upper keyboard.

    • ‘There are no string stops on the swell organ while the pedal department shows the lack of upper work so characteristic of this period.’
    • ‘The original 1855 great and swell organs have survived intact.’
    • ‘The variety, character, and pungency of tone in the flue work, is as admirable as their reeds and swell organs are poor and defective.’
    • ‘The instrument possesses three manuals or key-boards, viz. great organ, swell organ, and choir organ, also an independent and very powerful pedal system installed on the latest design.’
    • ‘The Austin Organ Company was selected to build the instrument which was to include an echo organ, as well as the choir, great, and swell organs present in the old instrument.’
    • ‘With more than one hundred stops it includes a great organ with a wide range and four swell organs (positive, recit expressif, solo, echo organ) as well as a pedal organ.’
    • ‘Don't steroids eventually break you down and cause terrible physical problems, rip the tendon from bone and swell organs up and cause muscles to screw and malfunction rather than extend and contract as they do naturally?’