Definition of sweltering in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswelt(ə)riNG/ /ˈswɛlt(ə)rɪŋ/

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  • Uncomfortably hot.

    ‘the sweltering afternoon heat’
    • ‘According to reports from Chris, who went out there a few days ago, the weather has ranged from sweltering to incapacitating.’
    • ‘Gold miners often have to descend more than 3 kilometres underground to drill ore in sweltering narrow tunnels.’
    • ‘The screaming fans couldn't compose themselves even in the sweltering heat.’
    • ‘Still, temperatures in the low 90 s, with sweltering humidity, did produce some grumbling.’
    • ‘A calm air - despite the sweltering Spanish heat - emanated.’
    • ‘Many urbanites in southern Europe flee their sweltering cities for the mountains or coast in summer.’
    • ‘The mercury reached a sweltering 107 degrees in Dallas on Sunday.’
    • ‘During our sweltering American summer, the average temperature in this northern city hovers around a comfortable 75 degrees.’
    • ‘The air conditioning was broken, so the cab was sweltering.’
    • ‘Men lived and worked with volatile herbicides for ten days straight each fortnight, some over several years, in the sweltering monsoonal climate.’
    • ‘I was stone cold sober, and the room was sweltering.’
    • ‘Legend has it that apprentice salesmen must prove themselves by manning a winter coat stall in the sweltering month of August.’
    • ‘Indianapolis is a flat track with decent grip, but Ince knew much or that grip would disappear after several laps in sweltering conditions.’
    • ‘Almost overnight, it seems, pavement cafés have sprung up around the city and are the coolest places to be on sweltering afternoons.’
    • ‘And it is not just office workers who will be suffering if the sweltering temperatures arrive.’
    • ‘On a sweltering hot day, May 31, 1982, Pope John Paul II arrived at the racecourse to be welcomed by a sea of pilgrims.’
    • ‘Working in the train wasn't easy because there was no air conditioning and it was utterly sweltering.’
    • ‘I'm all for dogs enjoying themselves but are we sure that is what they will do on a sweltering sea shore?’
    • ‘As it was, we spent a couple of sweltering hours there and left.’
    • ‘It's 9: 15 on a sweltering September morning in San Francisco, and's tunnel-like office space is coming to life.’