Definition of swept-wing in English:



  • (of an aircraft) having swept-back wings.

    • ‘Initially, the D - 558-2 was a rocket- and jet-powered, swept-wing aircraft comparable to the Air Force's X - 2.’
    • ‘This ‘twist’ is a feature called ‘washout’, which virtually all swept-wing aircraft need to avoid stalling of the wingtips when flying at low speeds or at high Mach numbers.’
    • ‘In some swept-wing aircraft, stepped extrusions are employed as machining blanks for spar caps with integral attachment fittings.’
    • ‘The swept-wing monoplane jet with air-intakes on either side of the fuselage on a level with or just behind the pilot's cockpit belongs to a design tradition evolved in the 1940s.’
    • ‘The swept-wing bomber delivers - capable of flying from stateside bases to targets half a world away or launching from forward operating locations for extended engagements.’
    • ‘During the 1950s and 1960s, the Soviet design bureau Yakovlev was responsible for a series of swept-wing twin-engine jet combat aircraft.’
    • ‘Among the treasures on show were a prototype bouncing bomb, and more than 30 historic aircraft, from the first swept-wing aircraft to land on an aircraft carrier to the gazelle helicopter in which the Duke of York learnt to fly.’
    • ‘The swept-wing research aircraft was carried aloft to the launch altitude of 32,000 feet by a Boeing P2B-S1 (the Navy designation of the B - 29 Superfortress) ‘mother ship ‘early on Nov. 20, 1953.’’
    • ‘Taking advantage of German research done during World War II, American engineers made the F - 86 the US Air Force's first swept-wing jet fighter, with the initial production aircraft flying in May 1948.’
    • ‘The British aircraft industry was badly lagging in the production of swept-wing fighters and the United States funded 430 Mk. 2 and Mk. 4 Sabres to equip the Royal Air Force.’
    • ‘The optimization of swept-wing laminar flow to minimize drag, using real wing configurations, is an important aspect of the Phase II effort, DARPA said.’
    • ‘Walking along the right wing of the swept-wing B - 1, Mike points into the slot where the wing slides against the body.’
    • ‘It turns out Stu has a large holding of A-model Sabre parts and HFC wants to create an F - 86A - the first operational USAF swept-wing jet fighter.’
    • ‘He directed the group's transition from the F9F - 5 Panther to the swept-wing Cougar.’
    • ‘The aircraft is of a conventional aerodynamic configuration with a high-set, swept-wing and T-shaped tail unit.’
    • ‘There were two swept-wing craft moving down the runway below, flames shooting from their wings.’
    • ‘The B - 45 was built before swept-wing theory was understood and was quickly overshadowed by the B - 47, which introduced thin, swept-back wings, six axial-flow jet engines mounted in pods, and ‘bicycle ‘main landing gear.’’
    • ‘Utilizing information captured from the Germans, innovative technologies were employed in transforming the straight-winged XFJ-1 into the swept-wing F-86 Sabre that would dominate the skies over Korea in the 1950s.’
    • ‘She knows what an airplane is - she's been to France on one, after all, and even identified a picture of a swept-wing jet as an airplane despite its strange triangular configuration.’