Definition of swim trunks in English:

swim trunks

(also swimming trunks)

plural noun

  • Shorts worn by men for swimming.

    • ‘Walking hand in hand, we passed several other people on roller skates, in bikinis and swimming trunks.’
    • ‘Rescue workers rushed injured people dressed in bikinis and swim trunks to waiting ambulances.’
    • ‘He was wearing navy blue swim trunks and a white tee shirt with the sleeves torn off.’
    • ‘He wore a soft green polo shirt with white swim trunks.’
    • ‘These items include a beach towel, bottled water, sunscreen, proper footwear, and in most cases, swim trunks.’
    • ‘He was wearing his swim trunks and a white tanktop.’
    • ‘He had on baby blue swim trunks and he was shirtless.’
    • ‘He was still in his swim trunks and a sweatshirt, with messy hair.’
    • ‘He was wearing a red collared shirt with some blue swimming trunks.’
    • ‘He wore a pair of turquoise swim trunks, but no shirt.’
    • ‘Jay stood in his navy blue swim trunks and white shirt that must have just been thrown on to look decent walking through the hotel.’
    • ‘He was wearing swim trunks and no shirt, and his bare chest was tan like his face.’
    • ‘I ran back up the stairs before he could answer and put my blue swim trunks on under my jeans.’
    • ‘Yesterday I couldn't find my shorts, so I went running in my swimming trunks.’
    • ‘How long do you think it would take to pick up a pair of shorts and put them on over swimming trunks?’
    • ‘But then he appeared to be wearing swimming trunks and flippers!’
    • ‘He wore no shirt and a pair of black swimming trunks.’
    • ‘He then removed his shirt and pants to reveal his swimming trunks.’
    • ‘He is wearing no shirt and just his red swim trunks.’
    • ‘He showed up about a half and hour later in blue swim trunks and a cut off shirt.’