Definition of swimmer in English:



  • 1A person or animal that swims.

    ‘the fastest freestyle swimmer in the world’
    ‘red flags to warn swimmers of dangerous currents’
    ‘caribou are good swimmers’
    • ‘She extends a hand to the desperate swimmer who struggles to make the shore.’
    • ‘He was a strong swimmer.’
    • ‘They are very fast swimmers and can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.’
    • ‘A shark advances on a swimmer in trouble.’
    • ‘A single swimmer moves away from the others.’
    • ‘The group welcomes swimmers of all abilities.’
    • ‘I went on to become a reasonably good swimmer.’
    • ‘Even for weaker swimmers, snorkelling is a joy in Thailand.’
    • ‘All of the group are strong swimmers and physically fit.’
    • ‘I am one of the slowest swimmers in my group.’
    1. 1.1usually swimmersinformal A sperm cell.
      ‘the lab technician examining your sample takes a close look at how many of your swimmers are normally shaped’