Definition of swimmeret in English:



another term for pleopod
‘A setose lobster has distinct hairs on the swimmerets under its tails, indicating breeding condition.’
  • ‘After fertilization, she glues the eggs to her swimmerets (swimming legs).’
  • ‘She peered at the remains through an oversized magnifying glass, paying careful attention to the swimmerets near the tail.’
  • ‘The female swimmerets are slightly larger and more feathery with tiny hairs, while the tail itself is often larger and more pliable to accommodate the eggs.’
  • ‘Swimming crabs can easily be recognized by the fact that their hindmost legs have developed into ‘swimmerets’, paddle shaped at the ends so that they can be used for propulsion.’



/ˌswiməˈret/ /ˌswɪməˈrɛt/