Definition of swimming costume in English:

swimming costume


  • A garment worn for swimming, especially a woman's one-piece swimsuit.

    • ‘I would bring lose of different clothes like jeans, trousers, shirts, T-shirts, swimming costumes, flippers and goggles, shorts if it is hot.’
    • ‘I take two or more bikinis / swimming costumes when I go on holiday.’
    • ‘A lot of hardy Scots braved what were chilly conditions and sported swimming costumes and even bikinis.’
    • ‘As ever we packed for every eventuality with clothes ranging from t-shirts and short, swimming costumes, jumpers, waterproof coats, thick jackets.’
    • ‘It was the end of October and I was wearing a woollen swimming costume.’
    • ‘Forget those swimming costumes, mini-skirts and leisurely beach walks in bright sunshine on Christmas Day.’
    • ‘It was a bit embarrassing when I first went for a dip as I didn't have a swimming costume and had to wear a hand-me-down bikini from my half-sister.’
    • ‘She had put on her linen swimming costume under her clothes in case she had to swim to the island.’
    • ‘Bring plenty of books and magazines to pass the time, and comfortable clothing and sports gear, including a swimming costume.’
    • ‘Those newly revived 1930s shorts-style swimming costumes must be avoided at all costs - they looks hideous on everyone.’
    • ‘I think the Victorians had it right on this one when they made everyone wear full length swimming costumes.’
    • ‘We jumped out of the spa bath in just our swimming costumes and ran back indoors.’
    • ‘More than 100 people - many still in swimming costumes - were evacuated from a pool after a ceiling light caught fire.’
    • ‘Grabbing their linen swimming costumes and towels from their bedrooms, they hurried off to the lake.’
    • ‘‘It will be their summer in August, but we've been told to take fleeces as well as swimming costumes, and all in a small rucksack,’ she said.’
    • ‘A lot of the people we saw had lost everything in the disaster and were dressed in swimming costumes and little else.’
    • ‘The summer is not that far away and people are perhaps a bit worried about fitting into their swimming costumes.’
    • ‘For £1 a time people stand in their swimming costumes under the warm air heaters and wait.’
    • ‘There are some gorgeous, swimming costumes available for mums-to-be, so no excuses!’
    • ‘They visited a steam bath enclosed in a brick pyramid, and stripped down to their swimming costumes.’


swimming costume