Definition of swing state in English:

swing state



  • A US state where the two major political parties have similar levels of support among voters, viewed as important in determining the overall result of a presidential election.

    ‘The vice president told voters in the swing state that this year's election is the most important of his lifetime.’
    • ‘All the experts agree that Ohio is a key swing state, if not the key swing state in this upcoming election.’
    • ‘Do you believe enough is being done in Ohio to assure the integrity of that vote, a critical battleground state, a critical swing state in this election?’
    • ‘I'm in Wisconsin, which is an important swing state, as you probably know.’
    • ‘Don't send me to some swing state to persuade undecided voters.’
    • ‘In the largest city in a swing state, just before a close mayoral election, a bug is discovered in the office of the Democratic mayor.’
    • ‘It could bring out large numbers of conservative voters and help President Bush in a critical swing state.’
    • ‘After all, Florida is one of the most important swing state's in this year's presidential election and Tampa Bay is one of the swing-regions of the state when it comes to elections.’
    • ‘We're a very important state, and we're a swing state.’
    • ‘For one thing, Minnesota had not previously been a swing state; its progressive votes could be counted on to deliver the state to the Democrats.’
    • ‘And, the biggest little thing you'll do this year: Even if you're not in a swing state, your vote still counts.’
    • ‘In the critical swing state of Ohio, rural voters stood in the pouring rain for hours to make their point.’
    • ‘One of the benefits of living in a swing state is that the candidates come to you!’
    • ‘I have a relative in a swing state who is apolitical but will vote the way I advise because she knows me and respects the fact that I follow these issues.’
    • ‘But higher standards are unlikely to win votes in Michigan, a key swing state.’
    • ‘Pennsylvania is a swing state, and let me say this unambiguously: Every vote counts.’
    • ‘You can make a difference, as long as you live in a swing state and don't throw away your vote on a third party!’
    • ‘Tennessee is a swing state that leans Republican.’
    • ‘But this is going to be a state that is a swing state.’
    • ‘This swing state has had a Democratic governor for eight years.’