Definition of swingman in English:



  • A player who can play both guard and forward.

    • ‘There are too many swingmen on the roster and not enough power players.’
    • ‘He would like to return, but the Nets can't spend another season with a 6-5 swingman as the small forward in an ever-growing league.’
    • ‘Kosier is valuable as a swingman who can play guard and tackle.’
    • ‘Both swingmen play the same position, but oh-so differently.’
    • ‘But let's face it, the Warriors had too many people who played the same style last season, and the only thing the overabundance of swingmen did was create mass confusion.’
    • ‘At least they trimmed some excess swingmen away.’
    • ‘Davis is one of the league's most athletic swingmen, and simply loves playing the game and finding new ways to put the ball through the hoop.’
    • ‘But with no draft choice, very little was added to the top or bottom of Milwaukee's solid band of swingmen.’
    • ‘The volatile swingman has been on his best behavior since arriving in Sacramento midway through last season, but many believe it's only a matter of time before he causes some kind of controversy.’
    • ‘The second-year swingman - another stunningly sweet Sacramento surprise - probably ranks as the top bench player in the league right now.’
    • ‘It's a big loss for Dallas, which relies on its veteran swingman for scoring and leadership off the bench.’
    • ‘Dallas swingman and rising star Michael Finley is another player who doesn't miss games.’
    • ‘He's definitely one of my favorite players, as the 6-foot-7 swingman is skilled at putting the ball in the basket and hustling on defense.’
    • ‘The team played hard, but was under-prepared and put together badly for this kind of competition, with a bunch of swingmen who can drive to the basket and a significant lack of big men and outside shooters.’
    • ‘The swingman, who has a sweet jump shot, was sidelined by bad knees last season.’
    • ‘The Raptors needed a point guard and a center, and they drafted neither, selecting two swingmen instead.’
    • ‘More than anything, the team needs his defense on the perimeter against more athletic swingmen.’
    • ‘If you perform well enough the next five weeks, you'll make the Panthers' roster as a backup, a swingman who can play both right and left tackle.’
    • ‘His 1999 as a swingman was encouraging, his 2000 as a reliever was fantastic.’
    • ‘DePaula, who is expected to be sidelined for about 10 months, had been working as a swingman for the team.’