Definition of swiper in English:




See swipe

  • ‘The way the swipers use the information might surprise them as well: Some bars and restaurants scan driver's licenses to catch underage drinkers and fake IDs, but they're also using the information for marketing purposes.’
  • ‘Jack had no interest in having anyone assist him and if he had, a swiper of his earlier drawings was the last guy he'd have hired, so the offer was politely declined.’
  • ‘The Navy has even put a swiper by the door of the chapel as a substitute for the Sunday church-service collection plate, says Cmdr.’
  • ‘The thieves have also managed to replace the magnetic swiper, which allows them duplicate the magnetic strip on the card.’
  • ‘Sadly, though, I'm a lousy swiper and often have to try it three or four times before it works.’
  • ‘It contains data about who the swiper is, his address and - if he's one of the casino's 2 million Player's Club members - his Mohegan Sun gambling history.’
  • ‘It takes just as long for those keypad swiper thingies to process your card, while you type numbers on the keypad.’