Definition of switchgear in English:



mass noun
  • 1Switching equipment used in the transmission of electricity.

    • ‘The business takes the company's 10 engineers on work all over the world, often for months at a time, carrying out modifications, testing, installation and commissioning of medium to high voltage switchgear.’
    • ‘Currently, 45 Iraqi electricians working extended shifts are preparing the necessary power cables for the first new turbine and installing low and medium voltage switchgear.’
    • ‘A portion of that Power House is still standing, which contains historical switchgear and transformers.’
    • ‘Our jobs includes servicing, fixing and installing switchgear equipment.’
    • ‘Some years later I heard that he was back in town and had started up a small business engaged in looking after electronic switchgear.’
    • ‘Its major export product groups include PVC conduit, metal plate switches and sockets, and industrial switchgear.’
    • ‘The five-year project will equip 100 academic and administrative buildings with new communications wiring and switchgear capable of handling future high-speed performance demands.’
    • ‘Single points of failure exist at the transfer switch and its associated switchgear, and also downstream of the UPS output bus at the power distribution unit and its related switchgear.’
    • ‘The ageing switchgear pose far more serious problems than the transformers.’
  • 2The switches or electrical controls in a motor vehicle.

    • ‘Like Skodas, Seats use engines, transmissions, chassis and switchgear that are VW in all but name.’
    • ‘From the outside it is an incarnation of the Volkswagen Passat and of the same high quality, and inside it has the air-conditioning and switchgear of the Audi and Volkswagen, but Skoda's version is much cheaper’
    • ‘There is a plusher cabin interior and new console and switchgear, making the WRX series, public road-going versions of the acclaimed world rally car, a car to lust after.’
    • ‘Essential switchgear falls readily to hand; the dials are large and easy to read - and the steering mechanism gives excellent feedback.’
    • ‘The instrumentation and switchgear are top-notch, and - amazingly for a sportsbike - the mirrors actually work.’
    • ‘Slide inside the leather-clad interior and it's all good familiar BMW stuff, with well laid out switchgear and big clear dials.’
    • ‘Or even today, the new Aston Martin Vanquish has switchgear from the cheaper Ford lines.’
    • ‘Read-out panels are surrounded by hundreds of low-glare red backlit dials and switchgear.’
    • ‘Familiar, logical BMW instrumentation, switchgear and cabin layout put you instantly at ease.’
    • ‘It's curvy and modern looking with switchgear derived from the X-TRAIL and 350Z.’
    • ‘The interior has been completely revamped, and the flat dash is replaced by a curved fascia with better switchgear.’
    • ‘The indicators and switchgear can be operated with the softest touch, and even the boot quietly closes itself.’
    • ‘With no bigger parent to steal switchgear from, Morgan, like TVR, must fashion their own.’
    • ‘It can't even be spoilt by the plethora of switchgear taken unchanged from the Discovery 3.’
    • ‘The leather upholstery creases easily, some switchgear can show signs of wear and bits of trim feel brittle.’
    • ‘The cabin too comes in for a re-work, gaining the same fantastic switchgear as the S80.’
    • ‘The exterior alloy effect is continued with highlights around switchgear and instruments.’
    • ‘I would have preferred some of the switchgear to be better positioned - the rear wiper was a stretch away and hidden behind the wheel and there should have been a little more feel from the steering, too.’
    • ‘The awful 80s-retro plastic extends to the switchgear.’
    • ‘All switchgear is sensibly laid out and both main beam and indicator stalks needed only a soft flick to operate them.’