Definition of swoop in English:


Pronunciation /swo͞op/ /swup/

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  • 1no object, with adverbial of direction (especially of a bird) move rapidly downwards through the air.

    ‘the barn owl can swoop down on a mouse in total darkness’
    • ‘the aircraft swooped in to land’
    dive, descend, sweep, pounce, drop, plummet, plunge, pitch, nosedive
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    1. 1.1Carry out a sudden attack, especially in order to make a capture or arrest.
      • ‘investigators swooped on the Graf family home’
      raid, search
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  • 2informal with object Seize with a swooping motion.

    • ‘she swooped up the hen in her arms’


  • A swooping or snatching movement or action.

    ‘four members were arrested following a swoop by detectives on their homes’
    • ‘But he ruled out a swoop for even more shares in the company, saying ‘We have no plans to further increase the level of this investment.’’
    • ‘He has contacts within the flashy high-speed world of Formula One and some of the men involved in his financial swoop for City are believed to be from the Grand Prix circuit.’
    • ‘There is still scope to sign players on frees, though, and Hughes is open to the idea of making a swoop for someone like Cole, providing it's financially viable.’
    • ‘Bryan Robson is trying to make a deadline-day swoop for Manchester United starlet Chris Eagles.’
    • ‘Wanderers hope their pioneering swoop for Japanese striker Akinori Nishizawa will prove a smart move both on and off the field.’
    • ‘The Garda National Drugs Unit has largely dismantled the Irish end of a massive international cannabis and cocaine network following three separate swoops.’
    • ‘Detectives said the blue or green Rover 600 was probably left in the town following the swoop on a guard delivering cash to the HSBC in Morrisons, on Tuesday afternoon.’
    • ‘Immigration officials arrested five men in connection with passport fraud following a dawn swoop on a house in Billericay, it was revealed today.’
    • ‘Police and Customs and Excise officers seized £5m worth of suspected drugs following a joint swoop near Brogborough.’
    • ‘Morrisons shareholders will decide whether to approve the £3 billion swoop for rival Safeway at an extraordinary general meeting next month.’
    • ‘Following the dramatic swoop, eight men were sentenced to life imprisonment, to be released between 22 and 27 years later.’
    • ‘Shutt has been scouting for fresh talent to add to the squad following his triple swoop last week.’
    • ‘The drugs were seized following a swoop on a house in Cahernorry, Ballysimon on Tuesday night.’
    • ‘The only movement was the flapping of a hawk or the swoop of a diving osprey, the only sound the gentle lapping of water on the shore.’
    • ‘She shut them for a moment and immediately felt the world drop out from under her in a sickening swoop of her stomach.’
    • ‘The swoop on gangland counterfeiters followed a pre-Euro 2004 intelligence operation.’
    • ‘One of the raids today involved a swoop on a flat above a kebab shop in Upper Brook Street.’
    • ‘Every statement was accommodated with a graceful swoop of her arms or an articulated movement of her hands, like a sort of exotic dance.’
    • ‘A spokesman said the company worked closely with the Immigration Service, knew the swoop was planned and would not face further action or prosecution.’
    • ‘Instead, Richard strode forward and with a single swoop of his open hand dealt Marco the heaviest blow he had ever felt.’
    raid, surprise search
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Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘sweep along in a stately manner’): perhaps a dialect variant of Old English swāpan (see sweep). The early sense of the noun was ‘a blow, stroke’.