Definition of sword fern in English:

sword fern


  • A fern with long, slender fronds.

    Genera Polystichum and Nephrolepis, family Dryopteridaceae: several species, including the North American P. munitum and the tropical N. exaltata

    ‘Some had fronds (fresh and/or dried) of sword fern woven into the structure.’
    • ‘Thanks to a cool, moist climate, magnificent stands of sword fern grow in great sweeps on forest floors and form delicate tufts of green lace on rocky cliffs.’
    • ‘For dry shade, consider bush anemone, Pacific Coast iris, or Western sword fern.’
    • ‘Ornamental grasses, sword ferns, and heathers are good choices.’
    • ‘In these beds, I planted sword ferns and vine maples, like those growing wild nearby.’


sword fern

/sô(ə)rd fərn/ /sɔ(ə)rd fərn/