Definition of swordbill in English:


(also sword-billed hummingbird)


  • A mainly green hummingbird with a very long bill, found in northern South America.

    Ensifera ensifera, family Trochilidae

    • ‘It's known for its great birdlife, with many small flocks of colourful scarlet-bellied mountain tanagers and sword-billed hummingbirds.’
    • ‘Some, like lancebills and swordbills, can't use them because of bill shape.’
    • ‘Clearly this is still one of the most important, if not the most important factor controlling bill shape, otherwise we wouldn't have curlews, ibises, sword-billed hummingbirds, flamingos, crossbills, or all those oystercatcher polymorphs.’
    • ‘Many of the hummingbirds, including Swordbills can be closely seen at feeders.’
    • ‘The swordbilled hummingbird and the condor are found here, as well as wolves, pumas, deer.’