Definition of sworn in English:




  • 1(of testimony or evidence) given under oath.

    ‘he made a sworn statement’
    • ‘All they have to do is to put a sworn statement declaring that they were not part of the process.’
    • ‘Neither side has asserted that the sworn evidence is inherently improbable.’
    • ‘Which is why it is usually the kind of question that needs some sworn evidence attached to it.’
    • ‘Mr Griffin, you say at every point of her sworn evidence in her father's trial she said she did it for herself?’
    • ‘Since then, Davis has gathered hundreds of court records and the sworn testimony of two dozen witnesses.’
    • ‘What did you have in mind when you wrote that sentence in sworn evidence in Australia?’
    • ‘The article was based on a sworn statement not so far adduced in evidence at Dublin Castle.’
    • ‘Hochhuth claimed that he had sworn statements from secret informers witnessed by eminent academics.’
    • ‘The judge asked the witness to be brought back again and give a sworn statement again.’
    • ‘Judging by their sworn statements, Smith will always get the benefit of the doubt before a jury of his peers.’
    • ‘Now, Reid has asked the Thai embassy to allow Care to give a sworn statement to be sent to the Thai judge.’
    • ‘There was no reference to this meeting in any of the developer's sworn statements to the tribunal.’
    • ‘He then stated that he was pretty sure that he did not receive the sworn information, but that he did not recall it.’
    • ‘She did not have the funds to take him to court and she saw no benefit in going to court after she got his sworn information.’
    • ‘Don't we have the right, even duty, to be outraged if they betray our trust and their own sworn oaths?’
    • ‘Her husband, in turn, forfeits any paternity claims over children born subsequent to their sworn oaths.’
    • ‘The only thing that will give us the answers seems to be a sworn inquiry.’
    • ‘The act obliges people making personal injury claims to make a sworn affidavit of their claim.’
    • ‘He said if a woman found she was married to a stranger she would need to submit a sworn affidavit.’
    • ‘The claim was denied by Mr Ashcroft, who also gave sworn testimony yesterday.’
    recognized, admitted, accepted, approved, accredited, confirmed, declared, proclaimed, confessed, sworn, avowed
  • 2Determined to remain in the role or condition specified.

    ‘they were sworn enemies’
    • ‘It requires you sit down and strike deals not with your friends, but with your sworn enemies.’
    • ‘Perhaps worse, he has made a sworn enemy of the man who just happens to be the best fly - fisherman in the Dale.’
    • ‘They must provide hospitality to anyone who asks even if he be a sworn enemy.’
    • ‘It may like to be hailed as the saviour of Hindus but not as the sworn enemy of minorities.’
    • ‘As with nearly every cartoon with a dog or a cat in it, there has to be a representative of their sworn enemies.’
    • ‘This country was owned by a sworn enemy of Richard - Duke Leopold of Austria.’
    • ‘She was still my sworn enemy who was trying to tear me down in whatever way possible.’
    • ‘Through lies and misunderstanding this results in him becoming the sworn enemy of his own mother.’
    • ‘Somehow they blamed each other, deciding their sworn enemy was the sole reason for their anger.’
    • ‘Why am I so driven to protect her, she who by definition should be my sworn enemy?’
    • ‘The mention of critics can only bring us to the topic of Nunn's sworn enemy.’
    • ‘My mother and stepmother are sworn enemies owing to my mother's treatment of my stepsister when we were small.’
    • ‘They were sworn enemies and officially I don't think they recognised that they used the same data centre.’
    • ‘It wasn't long before brother and sister were sworn enemies.’
    • ‘Our sworn opponent may not so much have rejected this truth as failed to grasp it.’
    committed, devoted, staunch, stalwart, firm, steadfast, resolute, unwavering, loyal, faithful, true, dyed-in-the-wool, through and through