Definition of Sydney-side in English:


adjective & adverb

  • Of, in, or towards the city of Sydney and its environs.

    as adjective ‘I stayed with a fabulous Sydney-side couple’
    as adverb ‘tales of life Sydney-side have well and truly gone stale’
    • ‘The owners—old Sydney-side people—lived in town.’
    • ‘Someone was hopping the fence and helping themselves to roses—he was sure it was the Sydney-side element among the Australian troops.’
    • ‘After dining by the waterfront, raging in the clubs, relaxing on the beach, and marvelling at this peerless city, you'll be ready to relocate Sydney-side for the long haul.’
    • ‘My name's Dick Marston, Sydney-side native.’
    • ‘We're all quite agreed and made up our minds to turn out and do the thing in the regular good old-fashioned Sydney-side style.’
    • ‘I was surprised to find the Earl and Countess, the Young Heir, and the Burglar all speaking with refined Sydney-side accents.’
    • ‘Did you never hear a Sydney-side drover blowing about his blooming colony?’
    • ‘Six Sydney-side divers demonstrated that enriching their air with a greater percentage of oxygen increases the margin of safety against decompression sickness.’
    • ‘It was an 1870 replica, made of Sydney-side yellow-block sandstone.’
    • ‘By the bicentennial, local voices had asserted themselves in the Sydney-side sagas of Corris and Day.’