Definition of syllabically in English:



See syllabic

  • ‘The work of the Scottish parliament was always going to be a tough sell in screaming headlines, but the syllabically challenged tabloids did their best by promptly cutting this new institution down to size.’
  • ‘They experimented with this principle in vocal chamber music, developing a type of singing in which the words were sung syllabically with careful attention to their natural declamation in speech, modified by two features.’
  • ‘The consonants l, m, n, r also often have some of the qualities of vowels when used syllabically: l in apple, m in spasm, n in isn't, r in centre.’
  • ‘The patterns throughout the book are similar to musical refrains - the reader hears a certain rhythm and release with the short syllabically controlled lines.’
  • ‘A quartet of singers performs the text syllabically; slowly gliding downwards in pitch as the orchestra itself rises up and falls down via long glissandos.’