Definition of syllogistic in English:



See syllogism

  • ‘What process of syllogistic reasoning can lead us to conclude that Hamlet is a greater work of art than The Long Goodbye, or that Goodbye is nonetheless a terrific book?’
  • ‘Some of these commentators build up dialectics into an alternative to all previous forms of logic, something that supersedes such ordinary reasoning as the simple syllogistic form of argument set out on the first page of this chapter.’
  • ‘Thus, contrary to Piaget's predictions, not only were adults not able to separate form from content, they had difficulty with syllogistic reasoning itself.’
  • ‘Another example of the artificial logic of standard languages can be taken from syllogistic reasoning, which is often assessed on IQ tests.’
  • ‘This argument can be put in standard syllogistic form as follows.’
  • ‘He sometimes produces syllogistic arrangements of these arguments.’