Definition of Sylvian fissure in English:

Sylvian fissure

(also fissure of Sylvius)


  • A large diagonal fissure on the lateral surface of the brain which separates off the temporal lobe.

    • ‘If a cut is made into the depth of the Sylvian fissure, dividing the brain in two, a complex series of structures is revealed on the inner surface of the hemisphere.’
    • ‘In each instance this artery proceeded laterally in the Sylvian fissure to share a part of the territory of supply of the middle cerebral artery, i.e., the lateral part of the orbital surface of the frontal lobe.’
    • ‘This region surrounds the posterior limit of the Sylvian fissures and extends inferiorly into the lateral temporal lobes.’
    • ‘I am back from the brain photo shoot, though I doubt that any of those candid poses of my Sylvian fissure or the curvatures of my grey matter will get me an invitation to the Playboy Mansion any time soon…’
    • ‘We discussed how parts of the brain in and near ‘the language wrinkle ‘(Sylvian fissure) seem less efficient for many people who mix up and leave out sounds in reading and spelling, including people like Edison and Einstein.’’


Mid 19th century named after François de la Boë Sylvius (1614–72), Flemish anatomist.


Sylvian fissure