Definition of symbolic interactionism in English:

symbolic interactionism


mass nounSociology
  • The view of social behaviour that emphasizes linguistic or gestural communication and its subjective understanding, especially the role of language in the formation of the child as a social being.

    • ‘According to symbolic interactionism, social roles, such as being a father, are linked to societal expectations that influence the behaviors and actions conducted by the individual in a prescribed role.’
    • ‘As a family of theoretical frameworks, symbolic interactionism emphasizes the social construction and maintenance of meaning.’
    • ‘The foundations of grounded theory are embedded in symbolic interactionism, which assumes that one's communications and actions express meaning.’
    • ‘This work is further framed by symbolic interactionism, studies on fatherhood, and feminist and pro-feminist work on masculinities and femininities.’
    • ‘Putting it in these terms highlights the similarity of some of Butler's analysis with that developed earlier within symbolic interactionism.’