Definition of sympathetically in English:



  • 1In a way that shows pity and sorrow for someone else's misfortune.

    ‘she listened sympathetically to Lizzy's grievances’
    ‘I smiled sympathetically at the mother’
    • ‘Sympathetically, he leads George away, offering him a drink.’
    • ‘She treats him sympathetically.’
    • ‘I sympathetically offered to explain to her professor why her paper would be late.’
    • ‘She explained her night and her mother nodded sympathetically.’
    • ‘She placed a hand on his sympathetically.’
    • ‘I'm really sorry to hear that, " I remarked, patting her shoulder sympathetically.’
    • ‘Tears formed in her eyes and the man looked at her sympathetically.’
    • ‘We listened sympathetically to the views of the residents.’
    • ‘One could easily picture her sympathetically tending grazed knees in the playground.’
    • ‘He always listens sympathetically to the complaints of others.’
  • 2In a way that shows approval of or favour towards an idea or action.

    ‘the plea for restraint was treated sympathetically’
    • ‘He often refused to show his constructions to visitors whom he did not think capable of responding sympathetically to them.’
    • ‘Many people believe that employers will not look sympathetically on requests to work flexibly.’
    • ‘The plea for restraint was treated sympathetically.’
    • ‘His request was treated sympathetically by the ship's commanding officer.’
    • ‘Our instructions are to deal with the cases expeditiously and sympathetically.’
  • 3In a way that attracts the liking of others.

    ‘supporters of the campaign were sympathetically portrayed’
    • ‘They're played sympathetically by a solid group of actors.’
    • ‘Her bumbling father is sympathetically depicted.’
    • ‘The homeless often appear sympathetically in his poetry.’
    • ‘The evening news represented growers sympathetically.’
    • ‘The dictator is portrayed sympathetically.’
    1. 3.1In a sensitive or appropriate way.
      ‘the oak panelled lounge has been sympathetically restored’
      • ‘It can brighten the tone by allowing strings to resonate sympathetically with each other.’
      • ‘Imagine my surprise when I finally heard the score played sympathetically and well.’
      • ‘The exhibition fits sympathetically within its site in the interior of the schoolhouse.’
      • ‘It is a highly versatile property that has been sympathetically restored.’
      • ‘The present owners have taken great care in sympathetically modernising the property.’
      • ‘The entire house has been sympathetically renovated.’
      • ‘Listed as being of national importance, the house has been sympathetically preserved and restored.’
      • ‘The listed building contains many historical features that are being sympathetically restored.’
      • ‘The farm has always been managed sympathetically for wildlife.’
      • ‘He added that the development would be sympathetically designed to fit in with the surrounding area.’