Definition of sympatry in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsimˌpatrē/ /-pətrē/


See sympatric

  • ‘In addition, their definition of ‘superspecies’ makes exceptions for narrow sympatry, which obliterates the definition, because ‘allospecies’ should form the components of a superspecies.’
  • ‘Although the two species were not found in sympatry, a population of P. elegans was found only 9 km away from a P. actinia population in Santo Antonio da Patrulha county.’
  • ‘As revealed by comparisons of molecular and morphologic data in modern species, non-hybrid populations form distinct morphologic clusters in sympatry, which do not overlap and are usually separated by gaps.’
  • ‘Conversely, if genetic exchange occurs between the two lineages in sympatry, interlineage populations should exhibit much less differentiation than should geographically distant NW populations.’
  • ‘The demonstration of genetic distinctness, or genetic differentiation, between samples from natural populations, especially in areas of sympatry, is often used as a criterion to erect new species.’



/ˈsimˌpatrē/ /-pətrē/