Definition of sympetalous in English:



  • (of a flower or corolla) having the petals united along their margins to form a tubular shape.

    ‘Please take some time to observe the flower shapes among the various sympetalous flowers.’
    • ‘A sympetalous corolla typically consists of three parts - the lobes, the throat, and the tube.’
    • ‘These are the plants characterized by sympetalous corollas, epipetalous stamens, and having the number of stamens equal or less than the number of corolla lobes.’
    • ‘While the perianth can lack the corolla, much of the terminology associated with the perianth deals with shapes of sympetalous corollas.’
    • ‘The sympetalous families are believed to be members of a younger group (appearing in Early Tertiary) than the dialypetalous ones.’



/simˈped(ə)ləs/ /sɪmˈpɛd(ə)ləs/