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symphonic poem

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another term for tone poem
‘He composed ballets, operas, symphonies, symphonic poems, and sacred music, and prepared a completed version of Musorgsky's opera Sorochintsy Fair, which he conducted in Monte Carlo in 1923.’
  • ‘In a symphonic poem or a concert overture with a title or a programme, it is the latter that specifies the locus.’
  • ‘For these reasons, folk song finds its way into symphonic poems, and sacred songs become national anthems.’
  • ‘It is composed in a single, continuous movement somehow relating to Sibelius's Seventh in style, and to Liszt's, Strauss’ and Elgar's symphonic poems where dramatic dimension comes in.’
  • ‘On the other hand, the symphonic poems show varying musical structures originating from their non-musical point of inspiration.’
  • ‘Serge Prokofiev composed a ballet based upon the play, Peter Tchaikovsky crafted a symphonic poem in 1870 and Charles Gounod wrote an opera in 1867- one of at least eight that are based on the story.’
  • ‘Tasso (subtitled ‘Lament and Triumph’), written in 1849, was the second of Liszt's thirteen symphonic poems.’
  • ‘It is a great pity that Maag did not find time to explore the wide oeuvre of Liszt's symphonic poems as on these two accounts, he was a born interpreter in this field.’
  • ‘Orpheus is the most poetically restrained of Liszt's symphonic poems.’
  • ‘In fact, he asserted that he orchestrated Liszt's piano concertos and several of the symphonic poems too, although those claims have not been independently confirmed.’
  • ‘Liszt and Tchaikovsky wrote symphonic poems that probed the obsessive morbidity of Hamlet's psyche.’
  • ‘The sleeve note compares it to a Strauss symphonic poem, which is a reasonable supposition.’
  • ‘The score is the symphonic poem which Stravinsky extracted from his opera Le Rossignol.’
  • ‘As for the two symphonic poems on this disc, the first, The Dark Gate, was inspired by a poem by Japanese poet Rofu Miki.’
  • ‘His fame rests on six symphonic poems, all of them composed after the works on this CD.’
  • ‘With an equal ambition, Peter Sculthorpe sets the country's silent, apparently moribund heart to music in his symphonic poem The Fifth Continent.’
  • ‘His works included a symphony and six symphonic poems.’
  • ‘Complete surveys of his symphonic poems, for instance, can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and that makes Kurt Masur's survey, reissued as one of EMI's bargain boxes, well worth considering.’
  • ‘It belongs to the cycle of his symphonic poems (there are 10 of them altogether) and is inspired by Kipling's Jungle Book, which threads its way through nearly all his mature output.’
  • ‘I believe people can write formal and also symphonic poems.’


symphonic poem

/simˈfänik ˈpōəm/ /sɪmˈfɑnɪk ˈpoʊəm/