Definition of symphonist in English:



  • A composer of symphonies.

    ‘Not many symphonists were also great song writers, and not many song writers are great symphonists.’
    • ‘I hear in Gerber's music a little bit of Bartók, some Stravinsky, Ravel, Sibelius, and English symphonists as well as movie music, pop jazz, folk song and dance, and even kid song.’
    • ‘Not many concert pianists can quote a major symphonist, let alone relate him to their world.’
    • ‘When I was young, the two great Romantic symphonists were probably Beethoven and Brahms.’
    • ‘Beethoven, taken as a symphonist, is the most inspired among composers, and the one who composes best for the orchestra.’
    • ‘It was essentially to hone his skills as a symphonist and develop his career as a composer that Bruckner had moved to Vienna, one of the musical capitals of the world.’
    • ‘In Haydn's time symphonists favoured D and B flat major.’
    • ‘The overall effect of these works is that Tippett was a symphonist of great technical skill and expressive ability.’
    • ‘I think it indicates Harris's great sense of musical progress, essential for a symphonist.’
    • ‘Vaughan Williams must be ranked among the finest symphonists of the 20th century.’
    • ‘In an uncanny way, he could manage to portray the deeply spiritual side of the symphonist with the craggy, almost brusque facet of the countryman.’
    • ‘Havergal Brian even today isn't exactly a household name, although he's one of the outstanding symphonists of the last century.’
    • ‘Two other generally-known symphonists to be found here are Dittersdorf and Stamitz.’
    • ‘The death of Alfred Schnittke in 1998 robbed the world of one of its most distinctive symphonists.’
    • ‘When the disc went platinum everyone lost out but consoled themselves by knowing that they had done the impossible - getting a living symphonist to outsell the leading pop stars.’
    • ‘He had an enviable reputation, once upon a time, as a symphonist of real individuality, like Simpson today.’
    • ‘But it wasn't pastiche; he was working in the style of mid-late 20th century tonal symphonists, if such a style had really existed.’
    • ‘He longs to be a true symphonist, but sets his private visions to music.’
    • ‘Now he is seen as maybe the greatest symphonist of the 20th century.’
    • ‘At one point in his career, many considered Harris the really great American symphonist.’



/ˈsimfənəst/ /ˈsɪmfənəst/