Definition of symplast in English:



  • A continuous network of interconnected plant cell protoplasts.

    • ‘Where access to this space becomes restricted by an exodermal resistance, a greater proportion of the total flux of a material may be absorbed at the root periphery and pass from cell to cell via the symplast.’
    • ‘It is possible that a proportion of ammonium fed to maize roots enters the symplast at the endodermis and is incorporated into amino acids within the pericycle which results in it becoming acidotic.’
    • ‘Instead, it appears that there is a barrier to movement between the post-phloem symplast and the nucellus.’
    • ‘Despite the presence of acid invertase in the cell wall and intercellular spaces, it suggests that in the first phase of fruit development sucrose is unloaded into the tomato fruit via the symplast.’
    • ‘Once inside the symplast, radial transport across the root to the central stele and, subsequently, unloading into the xylem are necessary for translocation to the shoot.’


1930s from German Symplast.



/ˈsɪmplast/ /ˈsɪmplɑːst/