Definition of symposiast in English:



  • A participant in a symposium.

    ‘Leaflets advertising the renegade symposium were distributed to convention delegates by symposiasts and their supporters.’
    • ‘I therefore put to the succeeding symposiasts the simple central questions, ‘What would have to occur or to have occurred to constitute for you a disproof of the love of, or of the existence of, God?’’
    • ‘Indeed, the Christian symposiasts did sound a more sympathetic note.’
    • ‘One begins to distrust Barash's castigation of Gould's over-rich vocabulary when we find that Barash seems to think that Gould invented the term ‘symposiast.’’
    • ‘Thus, far from accusing Gould of inventing the term ‘symposiast,’ I thanked him for bringing it to my attention!’



/simˈpōzēəst/ /sɪmˈpoʊziəst/