Definition of synchrotron in English:



  • A cyclotron in which the magnetic field strength increases with the energy of the particles to keep their orbital radius constant.

    • ‘For example, synchrotrons, cyclotrons, linear accelerators and interplanetary spacecraft all cost too much for single investigators.’
    • ‘Scientific instruments such as telescopes, synchrotrons, and electron microscopes generate raw data streams that are archived for subsequent batch processing.’
    • ‘His work space is located in what is known on campus as the Synchrotron Laboratory, because a synchrotron - a type of particle accelerator - was once located in the vast cavernous room.’
    • ‘The most powerful synchrotrons now in operation can produce particles with energies of at least 400 GeV.’
    • ‘An experimentalist, he worked with synchrotrons to study the weak nuclear force and the structure of nuclear particles.’