Definition of synchrotron radiation in English:

synchrotron radiation


mass nounPhysics
  • Polarized radiation emitted by a charged particle spinning in a magnetic field.

    • ‘In this model the gamma rays are emitted as synchrotron radiation by electrons that are accelerated to much lower energies.’
    • ‘As particles travel through an accelerator, they give off a form of radiation known as synchrotron radiation.’
    • ‘Similarly, today's biologists have adopted a plethora of techniques and instruments from physics - such as synchrotron radiation and nuclear magnetic resonance - and are doing very nicely, thank you.’
    • ‘At a synchrotron radiation source, electrons emit radiation as they are guided by magnets around a storage ring.’
    • ‘Specializing in accelerators, synchrotron radiation and lasers, each group views these new facilities as a natural development in its respective field.’