Definition of syncretization in English:


(British syncretisation)


See syncretize

  • ‘The result is a further syncretization of an already syncretic form, but one which is capable of having strong musical, political, and cultural resonances in Aotearoa.’
  • ‘The modern syncretization is a fusion between Buddhism, hinduism (migratory tribes), and the native beliefs.’
  • ‘The existence or recognition of ‘an endless play of abstract forms and patterns’ could be as much the result of a complicated process of syncretization as a formulaic, derivative practice.’
  • ‘I think syncretization is a natural process that occurs in everyone who likes to ponder over things.’
  • ‘Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka (he received the 1986 Nobel Prize in literature) addressed a lunch banquet, discussing the role of religion in the modern world and the syncretization of traditional gods with modern ones in his native Nigeria.’