Definition of synechia in English:



  • 1Medicine Ophthalmology
    Adhesion between the iris and the cornea (more fully "anterior synechia") or between the iris and the capsule of the lens (more fully "posterior synechia"); an adhesion of this kind.

  • 2Medicine
    An adhesion formed elsewhere in the body, especially within the aural or nasal cavities.


Mid 18th century; earliest use found in Woolhouse's Treatise Cataract & Glaucoma. From post-classical Latin synechia from ancient Greek συνέχεια continuity, in Hellenistic Greek also viscosity from συνεχής continuous, conjoined, clinging, dense (from συν- + the stem of ἔχειν to have, hold, after συνέχειν to hold or keep together) + -εια; compare -ia.