Definition of synodic period in English:

synodic period


  • The time between successive conjunctions of a planet with the sun.

    ‘the synodic period of Venus’
    • ‘The synodic period derives from the sidereal periods of Earth and Venus interacting, as 1/224-1/365 = 1/584 days, where 224 days is Venus's sidereal period.’
    • ‘The Mayan astronomers calculated its synodic period (after which it has returned to the same position) as 584 days.’
    • ‘Jupiter's synodic period brings it into conjunction with the sun every 398 days and 88 minutes.’
    • ‘It is interesting to note that Venus is also closely synchronized to this 8 year period, completing five synodic periods of 584 days.’
    • ‘The synodic period of 780 days = 10 x 78, the long period of 702 days = 9 x 78, and the short period of about 543 days is close to 7 x 78.’