Definition of synopsis in English:


Pronunciation /səˈnäpsəs/ /səˈnɑpsəs/

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  • 1A brief summary or general survey of something.

    ‘a synopsis of the accident’
    • ‘If you scroll to the airport, it gives you just a brief synopsis of delays, the departures and weather conditions.’
    • ‘Mr Gilder has sent a letter to all members, assuring them that there is no crisis at the theatre and giving a brief synopsis of the events that led up to the resignations.’
    • ‘John gave a general synopsis and managed the slides and Jo gave a more detailed explanation.’
    • ‘The following are brief synopses of the artists and the work they hope to have in the Grad Show; however, the exhibit's final incarnation is still in the works, and the show will undoubtedly present us with a few surprises.’
    • ‘A brief synopsis of the lithology, age, and paleoenvironment and associated fauna are given for each unit.’
    • ‘To better inform the story, here is a brief synopsis of my Mexican food experience up to that point.’
    • ‘The book is broken into three main sections, beginning with a brief synopsis of the state's long geologic history.’
    • ‘The following is a brief synopsis of the quagmire we would be entering.’
    • ‘Specifically, it scans the log files and generates a synopsis of which accounts have been used and when.’
    • ‘The issue provides a brief synopsis of each topic with links to the information on-line.’
    • ‘A brief synopsis of each of the mix elements is given below, and returned to for a fuller discussion in the following chapters.’
    • ‘At the end of the course, students were asked to write a brief synopsis of their experience.’
    • ‘The bibliography provides a guide to more than 130 studies, giving researchers brief synopses of research methods, topic coverage, data sources and reported findings.’
    • ‘The author's text, which includes brief synopses of the specific battles, makes the paintings all the more interesting and understandable.’
    • ‘Following are brief synopses of this year's management sessions.’
    • ‘Regular reviews or synopses of issues such as population health would be helpful.’
    • ‘The trial judge next summarizes the evidence at trial, providing merely a synopsis without comment.’
    • ‘The historical synopses that the author offers are, once again, brief but sufficient.’
    • ‘Even a synopsis of the events will do, in review form if you must.’
    • ‘As a synopsis, the essay works well to give an overview of two important decades of composition research.’
    summary, precis, résumé, abstract, outline, condensation, digest, summarization, summing-up, rundown, round-up, abridgement, review, sketch, compendium
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    1. 1.1An outline of the plot of a book, play, movie, or episode of a television show.
      ‘I originally intended to attempt to give a plot synopsis of this film, but it's so confusing I might just not bother.’
      • ‘You are seized by the desire to read a book without someone snatching it from you and demanding a synopsis of the plot.’
      • ‘Even though the plot synopsis may set off warning sirens, however, the film is refreshing, never cloying.’
      • ‘The following are titles, screening venues, show times and a synopsis of the films to be screened on Saturday.’
      • ‘Trying to provide a synopsis of this film is like recounting your week.’
      • ‘The synopsis of the film might give viewers who steer clear from anything different a reason to watch it.’
      • ‘A plot synopsis is irrelevant, and any detailed discussions of content will undoubtedly spoil it.’
      • ‘It usually takes a good number of rewrites of the plot synopsis to get all such issues straight.’
      • ‘I've spent the afternoon writing laddish synopses of films like You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, While You Were Sleeping, Waynes World, Men in Black and Bill and Ted.’
      • ‘This synopsis makes the film sound like a depressing cautionary tale but it isn't.’
      • ‘For you who are fresh faces and were not here last year, or just didn't care enough to read The Peak, I will give you a brief synopsis.’
      • ‘Although we will not reveal much about the movie, here's a brief synopsis.’
      • ‘The brief synopsis above does not do justice to the intricacy of the tale.’
      • ‘The insert is a complete episode guide with a brief synopsis of each episode.’
      • ‘That's an overview of the movie with an introduction of the characters and a brief synopsis.’
      • ‘And, finally, an insert in the fold-out case gives brief synopses of all 22 episodes (spoilers included).’
      • ‘From the brief synopses above you'll notice that all the stories are the same: gruff, tough men with soft spots for women go through hell to avenge or save them!’
      • ‘I've read the synopsis of it but I haven't read any spoilers, but now knowing that there is a twist at the end I'm thinking it's fairly obvious.’
      • ‘I read a synopsis of the final episode last night.’
      • ‘In some form or another, I will allow that most of you are very aware of the story, so my synopsis will be most assuredly brief.’


Early 17th century via late Latin from Greek, from sun- ‘together’ + opsis ‘seeing’.