Definition of synsacrum in English:


nounsynsacra, synsacrums

  • An elongated composite sacrum containing a number of fused vertebrae, present in birds and some extinct reptiles.

    • ‘The posterior thoracic vertebrae, synsacrum, and hindlimb are pneumatized by diverticula of the abdominal air sacs.’
    • ‘In most birds, diverticula of the abdominal air sacs pneumatize the posterior thoracic vertebrae and synsacrum later in ontogeny.’
    • ‘Between the notarium and synsacrum were several dorsal vertebrae that may have provided some level of dorsoventral mobility.’
    • ‘We glued transmitters on the bird above the synsacrum, with the antenna oriented down the tail; we placed the harness around each leg, in a figure-8 shape.’



/sɪnˈseɪkrəm/ /sɪnˈsakrəm/