Definition of syntenic in English:



  • (of genes) occurring on the same chromosome.

    ‘syntenic sequences’
    • ‘Conserved linkage occurs when two or more homologous genes are syntenic and are in the same order on the chromosome in two or more species.’
    • ‘The syntenic genes are displayed as black boxes and linked by lines.’
    • ‘Consider the ancestral genome with all of its chromosomes concatenated and with the ancestral genes blocked by their syntenic groups that will be conserved between the two daughter species.’
    • ‘A way to diagram this is to color code all the syntenic regions from each chromosome in one organism, and see how those regions are distributed in a second organism.’
    • ‘However, the vast majority of duplicated genes are not clustered tandemly, but instead are dispersed in syntenic regions on different chromosomes, most likely as a result of genome-wide duplications and rearrangements.’


1970s from syn-‘together’ + Greek tainia ‘band, ribbon’ + -ic.