Definition of synthesizer in English:


(British synthesiser)


  • An electronic musical instrument, typically operated by a keyboard, producing a wide variety of sounds by generating and combining signals of different frequencies.

    • ‘The instruments and sounds may have changed but it still sounds like a hardcore band this time playing about with synthesisers instead of guitars.’
    • ‘My main instrument is the guitar, although I also use keyboards, synthesisers, and sequencers in my musical meanderings.’
    • ‘Machines and electronic devices such as synthesisers, drum machines and feeders have made musicians idle.’
    • ‘These they combined with home-made synthesizers and early sampling devices to create a sound that could be described, in all fairness, as challenging.’
    • ‘Strange effects are piled on, and the song builds to a powerful climax of heavily distorted guitars and bleeping synthesizers.’
    • ‘Perversely, the massed violins, violas and cellos can sometimes sound uncannily like a lone synthesiser.’
    • ‘It has never been successfully reproduced by an electronic synthesizer because it is more that just a sound… it is the soul itself.’
    • ‘There are synthesizers that use frequency modulation and other algorithms to generate extraordinarily rich and complex sounds.’
    • ‘Orchestral synthesizers have acquired a bad rap because of their historically dubious use as substitutes for ‘real’ instruments.’
    • ‘Filling in their sound with a bevy of horns, keyboards and synthesizers, the explosive troupe leaves a larger than life impression on their audiences.’
    • ‘One lad kneels over an old synthesiser frequently swigging from a bottle of white cider.’
    • ‘Kean's quest began when he worked as a musician, and had many requests for classic rock tunes that used synthesizers and electronic instruments.’
    • ‘They got their hands on drum machines, keyboards, synthesizers and began experimenting.’
    • ‘The music is played on a mix of traditional drums and modern instruments such as electric guitars and synthesizers.’
    • ‘It was rhythm units, synthesizers, two bass players, John on guitar, and a clarinet and vocals.’
    • ‘Add in an eclectic series of percussion sounds that can be found on your basic synthesizer and you've got a record that should at least be unusual.’
    • ‘Why can the same not be true of the synthesizer and the reuse of the same sounds over and over in different contexts?’
    • ‘You've got a synthesizer that can basically replicate every single sound in the world.’
    • ‘Barely audible vocal tracks are buried beneath drum machine beats and bubbly synthesizers.’
    • ‘Tinkling piano and strings are overlaid with vernacular vocals, drums and flutes with synthesizers.’