Definition of syringa in English:



  • 1A plant of the genus Syringa (family Oleaceae), especially (in gardening) the lilac.

    ‘The Zoo Lake Users Committee celebrated Arbor Week at the lake on Wednesday, with trees of the year for 2004 - the white and mountain syringa - being planted.’
    • ‘Some flowers that were suggested included the dogwood, syringa, gaillardia, Washington holly, wild rose, and marguerite.’
    • ‘So far, ramorum dieback has been found mostly on rhododendrons and viburnums, although it has also been identified on camellia, kalmia, pieris, syringa and yew.’
    • ‘Both syringas are tall deciduous trees which grow up to about 19m in height.’
  • 2 informal

    another term for mock orange



/səˈriNGɡə/ /səˈrɪŋɡə/


Modern Latin, from Greek surinx, suring- ‘tube’ (with reference to the use of its stems as pipe stems).