Definition of syrphid in English:



  • A fly of the hoverfly family (Syrphidae ).

    • ‘Sagittaria trifolia is self-compatible and is pollinated by a variety of insects including flies, bees and syrphids.’
    • ‘Thus, the pollination of S. vaginatum mainly by syrphids, instead of bees, in the Santa Cruz population seems to be connected to its flowering peak in the winter.’
    • ‘During the visits to S. vaginatum flowers, portions of pollen, identified by its bright orange color, adhered to the head and on the ventral thorax of the syrphids, as well as (but to a lesser extent) to their legs and ventral abdomen.’
    • ‘Owing to the gradual dehiscence of the thecae, at any time, syrphids could only access part of the pollen of each anther.’
    • ‘Other visitors were syrphids, which landed on the inferior petal and fed directly on pollen grains deposited on this petal; they did not touch the stigma or enter the corolla tube.’


Late 19th century from modern Latin Syrphidae (plural), from the genus name Syrphus, from Greek surphos ‘gnat’.