Definition of syrtaki in English:


(also sirtaki)


  • A Greek folk dance in which dancers form a line or chain.

    • ‘But the Cypriots can rejoice as well as mourn, and they continue to dance the sirtaki and make wine and eat good food - and most of all, to celebrate the hospitality that is as much a part of their heritage as the sadness.’
    • ‘The sirtaki, a variation of the hasapiko, culminates with the ‘Zorba’ dance popularized in the movie Zorba the Greek.’
    • ‘Just after 11:00 p.m. I was about to leave, but the restaurant's owner refused to let me go until I danced a Sirtaki with him!’
    • ‘As the the sun goes down, imagine taking a walk at the waterfront of Mandraki for a peaceful evening, talking to the fishermen, and dancing a syrtaki.’


Modern Greek, from Greek surtos ‘drawn, led’ + the diminutive suffix -aki.