Definition of systemize in English:


(British systemise)


another term for systematize
  • ‘Production lines have been systemised to give a continuous flow of such silk.’
  • ‘Furthermore, the literature indicates that most U.S. organizations implement corporate universities to systemize their training efforts, spread a common culture, and encourage employee loyalty in a tight labour market.’
  • ‘We all need to systemise to some degree in order to get through life.’
  • ‘He is not about to spend thousands systemizing the delivery of his handcrafted goods from Mexico to New York City.’
  • ‘The society became admirably stable, even if excessively stratified; this was not detrimental to progress but rather helped enhance it by systemizing it.’
  • ‘This shouldn't be confused with reorganization, which only systemizes things you'd otherwise pitch.’
  • ‘After he achieved unity with the universe, he systemized the techniques of Aikido giving birth to new techniques.’
  • ‘His approach to the pronunciation of Taiwanese was to use the National Phonetic Symbols for Mandarin to compose and systemize his dictionary.’
  • ‘Some day we will attempt to record, systemize and draw conclusions based on this growing mountain of information in the form of a book.’
  • ‘Do men say this because they're attempting to systemize, with rules?’
  • ‘Once you know how your business runs best, you need to figure out a way to systemize that process.’
  • ‘There is an innate tendency to systemize their beliefs and convictions.’
  • ‘In the case of judo we have to skip certain techniques, and then systemize movement.’
  • ‘So the question here was how we can systemize all this information and give it to the player.’
  • ‘Combined with cannabis, it helps the user to detect psychic imprints, and systemize patterns.’
  • ‘The role of consultants is to help a client identify the best way for it to systemise its business processes and then map those onto the software.’
  • ‘In addition the bill will systemise and rationalise the current fragmented regulations that are similar in nature.’
  • ‘Cayley, who published his findings in 1809 and 1810, systemised research into aviation using scientific methods and the observation of bird flight.’