Definition of syzygy in English:


nounplural noun syzygies

  • 1Astronomy
    A conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun.

    ‘the planets were aligned in syzygy’
    • ‘The Moon may be said to be in syzygy when it is at either of these points.’
    • ‘In case you didn't know, Earth, the Moon, and the Sun are in syzygy every time they line up in space.’
    • ‘Once more, I was looking at a three-dimensional picture of the solar system during the syzygy, but this was much further along in time.’
    • ‘Maximum gravitation force occurs when a syzygy and perigee occur on the same day as perihelion.’
    • ‘The last syzygy is the new or full moon preceding the chart.’
    1. 1.1A pair of connected or corresponding things.
      ‘animus and anima represent a supreme pair of opposites, the syzygy’
      • ‘She is not one-in-herself, but acts as a female counterpart or syzygy to some male.’



/ˈsizijē/ /ˈsɪzɪdʒi/


Early 17th century via late Latin from Greek suzugia, from suzugos ‘yoked, paired’, from sun- ‘with, together’ + the stem of zeugnunai ‘to yoke’.