Definition of T-dot in English:



informal Canadian
  • a name for Toronto

    • ‘he spent four years in Montreal before settling in the T-dot’
    • ‘T-dot's hardest working DJ is given some well-deserved exposure on this mix disc.’
    • ‘Vince's 26 points against the Rockets weren't enough to help T-Dot in its playoff bid.’
    • ‘Last week I had the opportunity to immerse myself deep into Toronto's club/party scene to witness first-hand exactly how they rock it in the T-dot.’
    • ‘Here's fair warning for all those in the T-dot - don't miss out on these guys when they head your way later this month.’
    • ‘These T-Dot rock stars may be mediocre, but at least they're honest.’
    • ‘Yowza, there's some mighty good rawkin' comin' from Toronto these days, but the Illuminati are hands down the rock kings from T-dot.’
    • ‘For 10 days each September, a mass of people from all over the world descends upon the city of Toronto as if our beloved T-dot were the only place around that still had three-digit gas prices.’
    • ‘It seems the band has a special affinity for the T-dot: "We love playing [in Toronto] and have had some of the best times of our lives there."’
    • ‘Are you from O-town, from T-dot, from K-dubb?’
    • ‘Leadership and toughness is what is lacking up here in the T-dot.’


1990s perhaps representing a pronunciation of the first letter and period in the abbreviation T.O..