Definición de table d'hôte en inglés

table d'hôte

Pronunciación /ˌtäbəl ˈdōt/ /ˌtɑbəl ˈdoʊt/ /ˌtabəl ˈdōt/ /ˌtæbəl ˈdoʊt/ /ˌtäblə ˈdōt/ /ˌtɑblə ˈdoʊt/

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  • A restaurant meal offered at a fixed price and with few if any choices.

    as modifier ‘a table d'hôte lunch for $6.50’
    • ‘Check its table d'hôte then make a reservation in one easy step.’
    • ‘You can choose from our A la Carte Menu or an extended table d'hôte Menu, with a comprehensive Wine list, all of which guarantee a most enjoyable evening.’


Early 17th century French, literally ‘host's table’. The term originally denoted a table in a hotel or restaurant where all guests ate together, hence a meal served there at a stated time and for a fixed price.