Definition of table saw in English:

table saw


  • A circular saw mounted under a table or bench so that the blade projects up through a slot.

    ‘Use a push stick with the radial arm saw or table saw, and always keep hands clear of blades.’
    • ‘The blocks required finished edges on the top and front, which I did by turning the moulding vertically in the table saw before ripping it to 3/8 inch.’
    • ‘Rip the pieces on your table saw to the widths required.’
    • ‘The table saw was untouched and dusty, and there were no misplaced goggles, moved blocks of wood, or signs of sawing action anywhere.’
    • ‘‘I often say that you cannot be a real frame shop unless you have a table saw,’ he said.’
    • ‘I did not have access to a table saw, so it was necessary for me to bring my circular saw and some of my other tools from Alamo, California.’
    • ‘Most cuts can be made with a circular saw, handsaw, or saber saw, but the angled back support would be more easily cut with a table saw.’
    • ‘Crosscut the stock to length using a table saw with a stop block.’
    • ‘Older circular sawmills work with a vertical blade mounted in the bottom of the bed, similar to a workshop table saw.’
    • ‘I had some tools but needed to buy an air compressor and used table saw.’
    • ‘I'm scared of the regular old table saw where you have to push it through.’
    • ‘You can't run a table saw from them, but they will power any small electronic device up to a laptop PC.’
    • ‘Cut the legs, cleats, planks and spokes to length with the table saw and jig, labeling each one as you finish.’
    • ‘Used by residents of 30 homes, one shared table saw in the community workshop saves money.’
    • ‘To set up your table saw for panel raising, it makes sense to build a jig.’
    • ‘A table saw and miter saw will allow two persons to prepare parts for over a dozen telescopes in well under an hour.’
    • ‘I must be a contractor's wife if the sound of a table saw lulls me to sleep.’
    • ‘I want you to return your neighbor's table saw that you borrowed six months ago.’
    • ‘The primary function of the table saw is ripping, which is cutting wood parallel with the grain.’
    • ‘You'll need to rip a few boards into smaller sizes; you can use a table saw or ask the lumberyard to do it.’


table saw

/ˈtābəl sô/ /ˈteɪbəl sɔ/