Definition of tableside in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtābəlˌsīd/ /ˈteɪbəlˌsaɪd/


North American
  • The area adjacent to a table, especially in a restaurant.

    ‘we saw the people next to us order something they flambé at the tableside’
    • ‘The intensely flavored truffles were shaved over the creamy risotto at tableside.’
    • ‘Each creative, delicious dish is prepared in the galley or at tableside with a very attentive waiter adding the finishing touches.’
    • ‘She had approached without a sound, and stood at tableside waiting for me as I regarded the menu.’
    • ‘The waiters do silver service at the tableside.’
    • ‘If you order a bottle of Burgundy, it will be decanted at tableside, in the proper way.’


North American
  • Occurring by the side of a table, especially in a restaurant.

    ‘tableside dancing’
    • ‘Their wine tastings are served in a contemporary tableside service setting.’
    • ‘It's a simple dish made noble by a young apprentice during a tableside preparation.’
    • ‘Topping drinks tableside with whipped cream or freshly grated nutmeg or cinnamon, for example, attracts attention.’
    • ‘I bet more people would order the onion soup if the blowtorch were used tableside.’
    • ‘Sit back and let Williamsburg's finest acting troupe entertain you tableside and dazzle you with special effects, music, magic, and mystery!’


North American
  • By the side of a table, especially in a restaurant.

    • ‘the hot broth is poured tableside over smoked salmon’